Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need a car or vehicle? Is so, what type of vehicle?


Yes, you need onsite transportation. The terrain is hilly and can be quite steep. Any vehicle will work fine in the resort. Outside of the resort, a car should be sufficient. If you plan on self driving out of the resort, you may consider an SUV to have a bit more clearance.

How far to the supermarket?


It is 30-50 minutes to the grocery store from your vacation home. We also offer provisioning service where your groceries are delivered to your home and placed in the cabinets and fridge prior to your arrival.

Is there nightlife? If so, where?


The Andaz and the Four Seasons resort have live music on certain days. Ask the concierge for specific recommendations in the nearby beach towns which are approximately 50 min away. We can provide a driver, if desired.

Are bathroom amenities included (shampoo, conditioner, etc)?


We supply your vacation home with organic handmade Costa Rican spa quality bathroom amenities. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and hand soap.

What basic provisions are in the the kitchen?


Each home will have basic kitchen provisions including salt/pepper shakers, oil, vinegar, sugar for coffee, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. If you are grilling and may use a lot of aluminum foil, please consider stocking up with an extra roll.

We have a "pay it forward" pantry system. After you leave, we will keep on hand the unused items that might be helpful for the next guest (spices, sugar, flour, pancake mix, etc).

What beaches do we have access to?


Our guests have access to the private Prieta Beach Club which backs Playa Prieta. This beach is great for boogie boarding and beginner surf lessons. Guests also have access to Playa Nacascolo, which is located near the golf driving range. Playa Nacascolo is perfect for families with small children as it is flat water (bay side) and with a very long, shallow entry, with no steep drop-offs.

With a day pass (or by taking the stair trails for the adventurous), you can access the beaches of the Andaz Hotel (Playa Sombrero) and Four Seasons (Playa Blanca and Playa Virador).

How does a hotel day pass work? Are they always available?


Historically the Four Seasons and the Andaz hotels offer a day pass. This is generally not available until 24 hours prior to arrival. Most recently the Four Seasons day pass is $200 per family of 4 with $100 food credit when ordered poolside or on the beach.  The Andaz Hotel day pass is $50 per person with all of that credited to food purchases. Hotel day passes offer access to the hotel pools, beaches, programs, fitness center, and children's programs.

The day pass is subject to availability and all rules and costs are subject to change and at the discretion of the hotel.


Can we see monkeys at the resort?


We have two types of monkeys at Peninsula Papagayo, mantled howler monkeys, and capuchin (white-faced) monkeys. We see monkeys nearly every day at the resort, though they may be more difficult to spot during green season when the trees are thick with leaves. Ask me for my "monkey map!"

How much cash do I need to bring? Are there ATMS nearby?


Some of the activities are paid in cash and your concierge can offer a suggestion of how much cash to bring for the planned elements. There is an ATM at the Four Seasons hotel and also at the Papagayo Marina. Most ATMs will give you cash in local currency only. There is also an ATM and bank at the Do-It-Center between the airport and Peninsula Papagayo.

Do I need to change money into local currency?


If you have US dollars, you will not need to change money. We do not recommend changing money at the airport as those are very high transaction rates.  Most of the rates in-resort and for the tours are shown in US dollars. If you require change, you will receive change in local currency (Costa Rica colon), and they should be at a fair and reasonable exchange rate. You can use a credit card for many charges and you can also use the ATM if you require cash. There is also a nearby bank at the Do-It-Center which is located between the airport and Peninsula Papagayo.

How do we get to the property? Are there directions?


It is approximately 19 miles from the Liberia (LIR) airport to the Peninsula Papagayo entrance gates.

Leave the airport and turn right onto the airport road. After 0.8 miles, turn right onto the main road (route 21). After 17.7 miles, turn right at the Do-It-Center, which is well marked (Route 253). There is also a sign for the Andaz at this intersection. Drive for approximately 12.2 miles until it ends at a roundabout. Turn right at the second exit off the roundabout and drive about 200 meters to the guard gate.

Your concierge will send you specific instructions on how to get to your home from the Peninsula Papagayo guard gate.

Do we need to buy bottled water? Or is the tap water okay to drink?


The tap water is fine to drink.  There is a water purification plant onsite at Peninsula Papagayo and the water is purified by reverse osmosis process. The water may be different than you are used to at home, so certainly feel free to purchase bottled water.

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